Indian Summer in Munich

As it was extremely hot over the weekend I redid my selfportrait. Which is now called “Me on a green meadow by a lake sunbathing under the orange indian autumn sun” :))

Me on a green meadow at a lake sunbathing under an orange indian autumn sun in the lazy Sunday afternoon in Munich

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My info from the exhibition

Anna Moxx prints her pictutres on recycled foam and recycled plastic as part of her effort to make the world around us a better place. She is concerned with ecological issues and is planning to make her pictures completely biodegradable. In this way if you ever decide to throw her picture away, a rose bush or forget-me-nots will grow near your house.

If any of you have ideas how to put in seeds in the foam before printing, Anna would be grateful for your suggestions.

You can contact her on Facebook (Ann Moxx Life Artist and Life Designer) or anna.moxx  (at)