Indian Summer in Munich

As it was extremely hot over the weekend I redid my selfportrait. Which is now called “Me on a green meadow by a lake sunbathing under the orange indian autumn sun” :))

Me on a green meadow at a lake sunbathing under an orange indian autumn sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Munich. By Anna Moxx

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My net-demise :)

I’ll throw away my high heels
And buy oilskins instead.
I’ll sail away and you will feel
As if I were Net-dead.

But underneath my oilskins
My spirit will arise.
I’ll merge with sails and blue fins
And smile at Net-demise.

As I’m setting sail mid of May I’d like to announce my Net demise for the following couple of months.

I have no idea whether I’ll find any time for writing or whether I’ll have the Internet access.

If I do find some time and my tablet doesn’t get too dizzy (it’s not a tough one :)) I’ll let you know.

Conversations in my head

With this poem I’d like to close the last month chapter and try to move on.

Was unimpressed by zombies
Not threatened by vampires
Do not believe in Zen beings
And think: the soul expires.

But recently things happened
That everyone can dread:
The ghosts of dear parents
Conversing in my head.

I’ll be back in two weeks, hopefully: sunny and funny.

Unkindness of ravens

I was feeding two ravens with my sandwiches in the forest when my cellphone rang to give me a message about the events that haunted me last month. Hence the verse. But it’s not about that.

Unkindness of ravens disturbs me no more
I have understood the essential law:
You smile, they don’t touch you, you laugh, they ignore.
You look at the feathers and try to adore.

I tried to take a picture of them but it’s of a cellphone quality: